Saturday, 28 August 2010

5 DVD's down, 95 to go...

I am still the same weight I was before.


I do feel like my little pot belly is a bit littler. I feel more muscly in my legs, and I'm still eating exactly what I want. Which is ace.

So maybe there is hope after all!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

DVD #5 - Egyptian Belly Dancing For Beginners





Belly Dancing. Yeah.

This DVD is possibly one of the worst quality transfer-to-DVD-from-VHS I've ever come across. It looks like it's been filmed on a crappy 80's camcorder.

It's presented by a nice lady called Hilary, who according to her website: is a professional. I'm sure she is, however due to the rubbish quality and the fact that Hilary was wearing black and dancing in front of a black curtain, meant I could only see her arms and her belly.

I tried to take this DVD seriously, as Hilary is obviously dedicated to her cause, and yes, as a total newbie to the whole bellydancing scene she did have some easy moves to follow, but her timing was off and sometimes she'd only remember to excercise one side. As a result my left hip is aching like hell!

Also, Hilary explains how do to a move fairly clearly but then she swooshes off around, leaving you stood there looking like a plonker wondering whether of not you should make an attempt to follow her. Not impressive, Hils.

It is definitely for beginners, and easy for everyone, so if you are after something a bit more... exhausting and fat burning then this isn't for you. This is NOT a fitness DVD, its more a technique-learning experience.

Hilary says at the beginning 'All you need is bare feet and a belly'. Not to worry Hilary, I still have all of my belly after this.

Score: 1/5. Poor quality recording, and not aimed at fitness fans, just belly flashers.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Coming Up Soon...

Apologies for the lack of recent posting, but I've been on holiday!

Stay tuned for more DVD reviews, including 'Egyptian Belly Dancing for Beginners' and Rosemary Conley's Fat Attack'!!

Monday, 2 August 2010

DVD #4 - Jade Goody's Dance Workout

I have two ways to approach this video. I could tread carefully, or I could not.

So, in the words of one of the other half's mates who happened to be talking to him whilst I was mid stretch 'Dead people don't know fitness. Cos they are dead.'

I'll make it clear now - I never liked Jade, however what she went through towards the end of her short life was truly awful and I would never wish that on anybody. But this video - I wouldn't wish this on anybody either. She doesn't look fit and healthy and her contemporary body shape (circa five months after leaving the infamous BB house)is not something that you would necessarily aspire to.

This workout will get your heart rate up, and if you are into your 'urban dancing' then yeah, you might like this. The moves are fast and she's not a natural presenter, so you've gotta have dancer's coordination to match her.

And I'll tell you now, with those moves, you are not going to get fit. It won't happen. I barely broke a sweat doing this, I only got slightly warm. I'll sweat more eating the chili I made for lunch. It's that pathetic.

It's clear from Jade's attitude that she is only doing this for the monetary reward. Her opening word is 'Alright?' Clearly, the poor girl was left to write her own script.

There is a lot of jumping involved in the 'workout' so if you live above your neighbours like me then I wouldn't get this. To be honest, I wouldn't get this anyway, it's rubbish.

The hidden extras include a 'behind the scenes' and an 'interview with Jade' - apparently we see her as a sex symbol. Never heard that before...

Score: 0/5. I can't even bring myself to give her 1 star.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

DVD #3 - Beverly Callard's Real Results

Now this one is an oldie, from way way back in 1995. You can tell this simply by looking at the leotards (yes, LEOTARDS) that Bev and her crew are wearing.

This has got to be one of the original celebrity DVDs. You might recognise Beverley as Liz MacDonald from Coronation Street. Like Martine McCutcheon, I think Liz is fab. Another famous face (at least in Britain and Canada) who comes across as a genuinely decent person.

As is the norm, Beverley introduces her crew, but in a strange twist, she introduces them ten weeks before filming the workout. There is a before and after effect and her crew have seriously shed the pounds. Beverley says that they have done her workout three times a week and you really can tell.

Now I have to say, this DVD is FAB. It's easy for beginners, you can incorporate weights for further progress, there are always three levels of fitness demonstrated - just what you want from a DVD. It has Cardio, Stretching, Toning, and Weight Training. Beverley does everything in either sets of 8, or holds stretches for 8 seconds. You will never fall behind, this DVD is just the right pace. Another thing you'll notice is that there is no Instructor to be seen, Bev presents the whole thing herself. And is thanked by her crew by being chucked in the Country Club Pool.

The music is very early nineties, but it holds the pace well and after a while you don't notice that the fake Eurythmics are squalking away. Unlike the Lucy Benjamin video, you don't need a big space, although a mat will come in handy for the floor stretches.

I honestly think you would get seriously fit with this workout. It's old but it's great, give this one a go. Well done Bev.

She's got several video's out there. I may just well add them to the list...

Score: 4.5 out of 5. Because I have to send it back to Lovefilm.